The exceptionally intuitive AirBnB website and app user interface. What are the qualities that make it so good?

One of the most important aspects of using a website or mobile app is the user experience on the interface, this is referred to as UI (user interaction).

An app and website which I have used recently and find exceptionally intuitive is Airbnb.

During the pandemic lockdowns, I was searching for ideas and ways to connect with my friends in Australia, in a more dynamic way than just sharing a beer or wine over FaceTime. Before I knew it, I had booked a ‘Sangria & Secrets with Drag Queens in Lisbon’ experience for myself and my friends.

The Airbnb app, has a simple design and prioritises the search bar as the very first element on their app/webpage. The use of a lot of white space with minimalistic colour and content on the home page – delivers clarity and ease of use for the user. It is an attractive site with great use of fonts and image styles which delivers a fresh modern look, which would also be easy to maintain by the site developer and programmer.

Airbnb have a menu style interaction ie you navigate through the site by filling in form boxes, however they add in a personality by using conversational copy eg “Sue, would you like to book with the host?”.

It is such an intuitive and easy to use site, as I simply selected the Online Experience box on the home page, scrolled through a visual image menu of options, selected the one I was interested in, where the listing page gave me a full description. The ‘Dates’  and ‘Book’ button sit on a static menu bar at the bottom of the screen and is the brightest button on the page. There are no filtered lists which is a pleasant change and it was so simple and efficient to finalise my booking.

I would recommend this app to anyone, as the design definitely delivers a great user experience.