After 20+ years managing businesses across various industries, I decided to follow my passion for marketing and the amazing new age of digital technology.

When I say ‘I decided to follow my passion’ – I need to let you know I’m a true Virgo – a perfectionist that excels in academics and communication with a sharp, inquisitive mind and a strong work ethic. So at 51 years of age I completed a double degree in Marketing and Web Communications and received a Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence having placed in the top 2% of students enrolled in a Bachelor Degree program. I think marketing is what I was born to do.

Based in Melbourne, and previously living in Sydney and Singapore, I understand that successful businesses are about community and the power of building relationships with potential markets.

Baby Elephant Marketing is the product of a desire to share my knowledge and experience to help small businesses grow relationships and increase engagement with customers through authentic strategic marketing and maximising opportunities presented by digital technology. 

My happy place is sitting back after the delivery of a client marketing solution, extra hot latte in hand, knowing what we have created is going to bring success for both of our businesses.

Whether you need a website developed from start to finish, or a helping hand with branding, I’m here to ensure the right solution is created. I understand each business is unique and my services are fully customisable to suit your needs best.

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The increase in the number of digital agencies in recent years has made choosing the right partner a daunting task for business owners. Finding the right digital marketing partner is crucial to your bottom line and your brand. What matters most is, can they do the job and do you like working with them. Here is six reasons to choose me:


I am highly qualified and understand the complexities of marketing and web communications. I stay up to date with industry and technology trends in our area of expertise to develop customised solutions that align to your business needs.


I have over 20 years experience in business management and marketing. With in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and digital technology, I bring a practical approach to the table because I know what works in business.


I look at the big picture beyond the technology implementation or design brief and align marketing strategies to your business goals. I consider things like planning, execution, hand-over or post-implementation services, education, and more – and help you think of approaches that perhaps you hadn’t yet considered.

Passion & Drive

I love what I do and I’m passionate about developing relationships with clients and creating success for both our businesses.

Neutrality & Honesty

As a service provider, I am a neutral party with your businesses best interests at heart. I’m an honest, ethical and independent external resource that will create solutions without bringing bias into the mix.


Digital marketing is supposed to be fun for business owners, so I ensure we tick this box. Creating connections with my customers helps with understanding and makes the process a lot more enjoyable. 

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