Typography is the technique of arranging text in a readable, legible and visually appealing way, using font styles, sizes, weight, spacing, kerning, alignment and colour. In graphic design these typography principles give voice and meaning to type in visual communication (Poulin, 2017).

It can take years to learn and become proficient at typography, so let’s just focus on how to select a good font.

My 5 tips for selecting fonts

  1. Define the emotions/feelings you want to evoke from your audience – fun, happy, passionate, energetic, trust, calm, freedom, excited
  2. Identify the image you want to portray – formal, casual, modern, classic, industrial, contemporary, old-fashioned, fresh, spicey, sporty
  3. Select 2-3 fonts for a design project. A creative font should be utilised for the headings and a simplified font will be used for the content text (Beaird, 2010)
  4. Research fonts used by websites which align to your brand or project i.e. if you are setting up a wedding photography brand or website, look at other wedding photography businesses to understand the range of fonts and the use of typographic elements
  5. Utilise a font pairing website to look at font combinations which could be used for your design. Try this site for great combination ideas – https://www.reliablepsd.com/ultimate-google-font-pairings/ (Levit, n.d.)

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