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Hi, I’m Sue Marsh, a digital marketing consultant and the creative force behind Baby Elephant Marketing.

In the vast and overwhelming digital marketing landscape, I specialise in providing clarity for small businesses and organizations like yours. Whether you have the technical knowledge or not, it’s hard to be sure you’ve found the right online expert. Let me show you how digital marketing can truly make a difference in your journey towards success.

What sets me apart is my firsthand experience in leading businesses and my ability to align business goals with effective digital marketing strategies. So, when you work with me, you can always expect exceptional customer service delivered with a down-to-earth approach and a touch of humor.

Ultimately, my mission is to help small and medium businesses like yours achieve their goals by developing tailor-made digital solutions that establish and nurture better relationships with your potential markets.

What I do

Small businesses often have limited budgets for marketing, so finding affordable marketing services is essential. I take a holistic approach to understand your business goals, your budget and timeframes to create innovative, budget-friendly solutions for your business using one or a combination of digital services.

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Branding Services

Create a strong brand identity that will entice consumers to admire, remember and prefer your business over the competition.  The process includes logos, visual design and tone of voice.

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Content Creation

Content strategies and copywriting created to ensure messaging is clear and consistent across all channels and is appropriate to your brand and engages your target audience.

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Web Design & Development

Tailor made responsive websites designed to promote your brand, drive your business goals and effectively communicate to your audience.

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Digital Marketing

Utilise digital and social media marketing tools and best practices to promote your brand, drive sales leads and boost customer engagement.

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Drive more website visitors and potential customers by improving your website visibility and ranking on search engines.


Whether creating a brand or designing a website, my passion, knowledge and experience shows in my work. 

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Brunswick JFC website

The Brunswick Dragons Junior Football Club provides opportunities for girls and boys to play Australian Rules footy in a friendly and inclusive environment. Due to the existing websites poor information architecture and lack of fresh quality content, the club found they were missing opportunities to attract players, sponsors and volunteers. 

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Visitors to the site were met with out of date information and a confusing layout. I have just completed design and development of a new website using a WIX platform that delivers on the clubs strategic goals and can easily be managed by committee members in the future. When you visit the new website you are greeted with a video that tells a story but isn’t too distracting, has great use of white space, an easy nav bar, a tagline and clear CTA’s. It’s a clean design with easy to navigate information architecture that invites a visitor to learn more about the brand and use forms to complete actions. Content has been updated with dynamic images, colours and quality text and tone that reflects the brand voice. A key strength of the design is the ease of navigation, dedicated stakeholder pages and CTA’s for each target audience – parents/players, volunteers and sponsors. The use of ‘read more’ buttons ensure the visitor is not overwhelmed with text and can easily find information and complete tasks. An e-commerce shop has been created to sell merchandise and uniforms inclusive of site analytics to assess ROI and other site related goals. The Google Search Console has demonstrated a significant increase in all KPI’s when comparing to the old WordPress website.

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Sure Shot Tennis Coaching website

Sure Shot Tennis specialises in providing quality tennis coaching through a technical and tactical focus delivered in a supportive and fun environment. The business was losing new clients due to a poorly designed website and lack of quality content.

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Visitors to the site were met with out of date information and a confusing layout. I built a new customised responsive website to drive leads and conversions through intuitive navigation and quality informative content. The new website delivers a key goal of making it quick and easy for visitors to find exactly what they need and complete tasks. Whether it’s finding a coach, booking into a cardio tennis session, or finding information on session times and costs, the new site structure and functionality facilitate an appealing information hub for the community. Elevated site-wide brand storytelling provides additional trust and credibility for their growing brand. The site has been created on a web-builder platform to enable the client to easily and cost effectively manage updates and content in the future.

Along with implementing a new website and SEO strategies, I created campaigns for online marketing which included a social media strategy and email marketing campaigns. The Social media strategy focuses on promoting brand awareness, increasing engagement through two-way conversation and driving traffic to the new website.

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A line drawing of a baby elephant standing and coloured pink with a white outline

Swampy & Carls Wedding Website and Branding

A personal favourite of mine is the creation of my own wedding website. Just like a business website – a wedding website is a tool to communicate with visitors, making it easy for them to find information. 

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This project included brand development, graphic design, video production, website design and social media strategy. Swampy & Carl’s wedding website features a hero images that creates a feel for the boho style forest ceremony. The font and colour scheme pair nicely with the website theme, making for an overall aesthetically pleasing website. The information architecture embraces the “less is more” philosophy by consolidating all of the essential elements on a single landing page making it easy for visitors to find the information they need.

On a functional side, the site has a user-friendly layout by including all important sections in the navigation bar menu at the top of the site.

The site is elegant and sophisticated, however unlike most wedding websites, I moved away from curvy fonts and staged photo shoots. I wanted to create a design that took visitors on a storytelling journey about love and wrapped it in a design which created a personal feel, which is, in a sense, the ultimate goal for a wedding website.

This project morphed into a digital memory of the best day of ours lives and also a storyboard for future adventures. This is why I love building websites.

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What my customers say…

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Sue has done an amazing job putting our website together. She took videos and photos and made coach profiles. She understood our needs and was easy to work with. The feedback I get about our website is it’s clear and easy to navigate. The graphics and colours are great. It communicates the culture of our business well. I get most of my new customers through our website. I would highly recommend Sue for marketing and web design

Leanne Melgaard
Sure Shot Tennis – Director

The reaction to our new site has been overwhelmingly positive; as one commented the site is ‘Fantastic, easy to find information and we love the image galleries’. Sue is very knowledgeable, professional, caring, friendly and easily approachable. We are so grateful to have Sue’s expertise and skills to deliver our business changing digital solutions. My recommendation would be to give Sue a call and share with her where you want your business to go and she can help take you there!

Sam Reid
Communications, Brunswick Junior Football Club

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